Sure Catch Fishing Charters

Fishing Styles


Because of our close access to both gulf and backwater fishing we use many different methods including , trolling ,casting, bottom fishing sight fishing , deep jigging, chumming and free lining to name several . Most of the time we use light tackle up to 40 lb line in the gulf and 10 or 12 lb line in the bay . Not very many places offer many more fishing choices something is almost always biting . Charters range from 2 to 8 hours , I have trips suited from the novice angler to the pro , children and families are welcome.

St Andrews Bay Fishing

St Andrew bay is a beautiful scenic bay with abundant wild life many species of birds including pelicans, osprey, blue herons, and others sea turtles and dolphin are common It has clear water with both deep water and shallow water flats .This combination of shallow and deep water provides many angling opportunities including trout, redfish , mackerel , bluefish , pompano , as well as many others dependent on the time of year .The good part about bay fishing it is almost always calm making it a favorite with people who get seasick . We will usually be able start fishing in a short 15 or 20 minute boat ride. I fish mostly with 10 or 12 lb line on spinning reels using live bait including shrimp , pinfish , alewives and menhaden . Due to the action on light tackle it is ideal for children and families as well. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Free lining


Spanish mackerel ,trout , bluefish and ladyfish bunch up around the points and on the grass flats in St Andrews bay . My favorite method of catching them is to anchor up current of the fishing spot , put out chum and free line live bait down current of the boat . Menhaden and alewives is the favored bait ,both look and school just like a fresh water shad . It can be very exciting watching your minnow running across the surface with a large spanish mackerel or trout in hot pursuit trying to knock it out of the water. This is a great trip for families, because kids can easily handle the light tackle spinning rods we use, most of the time they will not have to wait long for action. In the gulf we free line cigar minnows or herring for king mackerel, spanish mackerel, and bonito over both reefs and wrecks it is not uncommon to have a big king mackerel take more than a 100 yards of line after coming 5 or 6 foot out of the water on the strike . Please feel free to email or call to ask about our fishing


Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing has long been a favorite of many people , however due to our changing fishery laws grouper , red snapper and amberjack we have depended on is closed much of the year . Not to worry we still have great fishing over both natural and man made reefs in less than 30 minutes from the dock . Instead of the heavy tackle we use to use , we are now fishing light tackle only 15 or 20lb line . Even the smaller fish will put up a fight a large mouth bass can only dream of . Expect to have almost constant catch and release action , however several species of smaller snappers and triggerfish will be there for those of you wanting a good fish fry , these can here year round . Seasonally king mackerel , spanish mackerel , bonita , shark and other migratory species can be caught over the same reefs . For more information about our available fishing please call Capt. Phillip Money 850 832 7471 .





Trolling is not my favorite but at times it can be the best method , in the bay we commonly catch spanish mackerel , ladyfish and bluefish using spoons along the edges of the grass flats and the drop offs around points . Many times you will catch a fish on every rod when you pass over a school of hungry mackerel or bluefish , This is great way for kids to fish beause most of the time there is a lot of action and no doubt when you have a strike   . In the gulf we catch king mackerel , spanish mackerel , and bonito to name a few . These fish are caught fishing around natural and man made reefs . I use a combination of live bait and artificial bait . Trolling works well when you need to cover a lot of water to find moving fish or when the tide and wind is wrong to free line or cast .

Shark Fishing

In the last few years due to a bag limit of 2 sharks per boat the numbers of sharks have been steadily increasing , it not uncommon to have a shark show up at any time from April to November while fishing for other types fish . For those of you wanting a shot at a critter bigger than they are I usually start running shark fishing charters in late April then continuing into November . We fish for sharks with both light and heavy tackle . I run light tackle shark fishing trips in St Andrews bay . Because smaller sharks are more numerous than larger fish , it is not uncommon to catch a dozen or more sharks in a charter . Our big sharks are usually caught fishing around one of our many offshore wrecks using large Penn or Daiwa reels filled with 80lb test line , the average shark is a 100lbs or more each year we catch fish in the 300lb class . Chum bags filled with ground menhaden are kept out to help attract our sharks , this same chum will bring in numerous other fish including mackerel , snapper , Bonita and others to keep you busy while waiting on you shark .   


   At times we are able cast artificial baits over grass flats and around our pass, targets include trout, spanish ,mackerel ,bluefish ,pompano ,redfish , as  well as others. Baits include jigs, top water plugs , and spoons sometimes casting to surface feeding fish with straw rigs, when conditions are right the amount of action,   can be a bass fishermans  dream , good times can be had from mid March to November.